Even though Lauree is originally from Boring, Oregon, she has lived and traveled to over 48 countries and is always excited to discover a new city, a new culture and new expression of God’s amazing creation! Although she’s had some crazy adventures in her life: tour manager for Tony Hawk and So You Think You Can Dance, missionary to the Czech Republic, skydiving-bungee jumping adrenaline junkie, being at gunpoint 12 times…online dating; Lauree is most proud of her honest, loud, faithful, funny family and always looks forward to sharing the holidays together.


"Captivated.  The first time I heard Lauree speak, I was captivated and then I was on my feet applauding in awe when she was done.  Smart, raw, funny, honest, poignant, insightful, and on-point, Lauree should speak at your next event or be a guest at your next dinner party, because she is captivating."
Lisa Williams, Life with Lisa Williams